Weekend Dance Camps

Weekend Dance Camps


Program Specifics





# of Dance Camps paid in advance Cost
1 $325.00
2+ $300.00



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What to bring to camp:


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Accommodations & Meals:


The accommodations are dormitory style, with meals provided. Please let us know of any special dietary needs.


Other info: 


At Sierra Dance Camps there are several big, friendly dogs who like to interact with all who attend. If you are allergic to dogs and/or have concerns please let us know.



Truckee, CA

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Weekend Dance Camps



Breathe, eat and sleep Ballroom dance!

Immersion is the best way to learn any language including the language of dance. Our weekend camps enable dancers to learn in record time through total body immersion.


Using innovative methods to improve personal technique for all dancing and sports, these camps incorporate the natural laws of motion to improve alignment, centering, balance, and dynamic movement. Have a great time surrounded by fellow dancers in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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Please let us know your expected arrival time when you register. Confirming arrival times is very important. It allows us to have the sleeping arrangements made ahead of time, and in the winter it allows us to be prepared to shuttle you to the cabin when weather is bad.

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Arrival Times


Most people who have a bit of a drive arrive late Friday night so they can sleep and be fresh Saturday morning. Locals usually arrive Saturday morning by 8:30 am. Camp begins at 9 am on Saturday. (see detailed schedule below).



8:00 am


9:00 am

Session One

11:00 am


11:20 am

Session Two

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Session Three

4:00 pm


4:20 pm

Session Four

6:00 pm

Finish Day One

7:30 pm



Evening activities:


There are times most have to finish work from their jobs, and the dining room is filled with laptops and keys clicking on Saturday nights, and others are practicing and dancing, or watching dance videos in the ballroom. Often, people choose to head into Reno to attend the Saturday night dance parties at Never Enough Ballroom.



7:00 am


8:00 am

Session Five

10:00 am


10:20 am

Session Six

12:30 pm


2:00 pm

Session Seven

4:00 pm


4:20 pm

Session Eight

6:00 pm

Finish Day Two & Depart

Note: Camps held on holiday weekends are extended to three days for additional training and body work.