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Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your future spouse give to each other. Being confident and poised for your first dance together as husband and wife will create lifetime memories.

Our wedding package is a great way to learn the latest dances to enjoy on your special day. You can pack it with you for the honeymoon as well, and go on dancing together forever.

On completion of the wedding package, our wedding gift to you is a free private lesson when you return from your honeymoon. Yes, this is to encourage you to continue!!! Dancing is a wonderful way to stay fit, learn more about balance and the body, and enjoy the social benefits of dancing together.


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Choosing the Wedding Dance and Music:


The Waltz


The Waltz is the traditional Wedding Dance. It is the most elegant and romantic of the dances. It has a graceful and regal character. This dance gives wonderful feeling on the dance floor. It is perfect for your wedding day. We offer a range of beautiful music from which you can choose to dance this beautiful dance to.


Other Dances


 Many couples have their favorite song which might not be suited to a Waltz. We can check to see which style of dance would be most appropriate to match the rhythm and feeling of the music. We also have a large variety of music for you to choose from so you can dance to a song more suited to the wedding day.


Other Considerations


Apart from the choice of style and music, there are a number of other considerations to be taken into account. For example:

  • What is possible to dance in the wedding dress

  • How big the dance area will be

  • How are you going to enter or leave the dance area with style

And, don't forget, the Wedding Dance is not the only dance at your reception! Start with the amazing value Dance Starter Kit, the move onto the specific choreography for your Wedding Dance. You will then be able to dance other dances throughout your reception, such as the traditional dances with the Parents of the Bride and Groom, and feel comfortable with the basics of a range of dances so that you can enjoy the rest of your evening!

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Planning Your Wedding Dance:


We offer two ways to plan your wedding dance. You may apply whichever Wedding Package to either approach, though the Focused Approach is more adapted to the Basic or Confident Packages, and the Learn Now, Impress Later Approach is more adapted to the Stylish and Lifetime Packages.

Focused Approach:

  • Minimal time and effort

  • Always focused on result

  • Lessons are scheduled to suit you

  • Have fun together as a couple

  • Relax and get relief from stress!

  • Gain the exercise benefits of dance

  • Look great in that wedding dress!

Learn Now, Impress Later:

  • Learn without pressure

  • Become Proficient in multiple styles

  • Dance with others at your wedding

  • Dance the whole evening of your wedding ~ Wider choice of dances ~ Increased knowledge. Make a more informed decision on your Wedding Dance ~ Lessons are scheduled to suit you ~ Gain an ongoing skill and hobby ~ Have fun together as a couple ~ Relax and get relief from stress!

  • Gain the exercise benefits of dance

  • Look great in that wedding dress!

Don't wait another minute to start planning for your Wedding Dance. Contact Us now!


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Download the Complete Wedding Dance Kit Brochure click here.

Note: you will need to have the latest version of AdobeĀ© Reader installed on your system. If you do not have this, you can download this for free by clicking the icon below.











  • 1-9 Lessons: $70.00 / Hour
  • 10+ Lessons: $65.00 / Hour
  • Dance Starter Kit: 4 Lessons for $240.00

Lesson Reccomendations:


Wedding Dance Packages are priced according to our private lesson pricing. If you are a first time student with us you may purchase the Dance Starter Kit as part of your Basic Package.

Depending on your desires, we suggest the following number of lessons: (see pricing listed above)



(1-4 Lessons Booked) 

The Basic Package will give you some steps and simple choreography in your chosen dance. Perfect for those with minimal time, or for the more experienced dancers who just want some assistance with their routine.



(5-9 Lessons Booked)  The Confident Package will focus on straight forward routines and basic partner dance techniques to have you looking great together.

Perfect for the beginner balancing time in the rush to get everything organized for the big day.



(10-15 Lessons Booked)  The Stylish Package focuses on style in addition to choreography and will take the beginner or more advanced couple to a dazzling performance which will amaze your guests ~ and you!



(16+ Lessons Booked)  The Lifetime Partnership Package not only prepares you at the highest level for your wedding dance, but introduces you to a number of other ballroom and Latin dances you might wish to enjoy on your special day.

It also provides the best start to a great social activity you can make part of your new life together.