Tribe Monthly Membership

Tribe Monthly Membership


Ready to immerse yourself and learn fast with a group of people who are commited to getting the very best training, practice and get in shape for life.
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We offer many choices to give you quality training, value, and flexibility in your dance training. You can choose a la Carte, or a customized monthly membership.



Introductory Ballroom Course Four Private Lessons $240.00


Lessons (50 Min each)

Single Lesson $70.00
Block of 10 Lessons $650.00

Reno Monday night two hour class $20.00 for five two hour classes for $80.00


One Day Camp

Two Day Camps

Non-member $150.00
Private lesson student $125.00
Non-Member $350.00
Private lessons student $300.00

TRIBE Monthly Membership $360.00


Two Private Lessons
All Monday Night Two hour class
One Day Camp
All written and video material developed

Additional camps (these are camps in addition to the one day camp you already have. whenever they are offered in the month) the cost is $50.00 for one day, and $100.00 for a two day camp. This package is loaded with benefits. Doing your training with others offers lots of interaction with dancers learning the same techniques and practice opportunities. The group takes lots of opportunities to indulge in cross training activities together.

You may add additional private lessons at any time for $50.00 each during the month. If you take one private lesson per week, you would need pay for the two additional private lessons at the $50.00 rate.


Movement Analysis Nights


Two hours training with dinner
Non-member $ 20.00
Members: $10.00


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when taking two private lessons each week, the price is $65.00 a private lesson, even if you pay one at a time.