Private & Group Lessons

Private & Group Lessons



Our Private Lessons teach you to dance from the inside out. For the beginner or more advanced, we teach at your personal level to increase overall health, fitness and confidence. Train with an instructor weekly or bi-weekly; no partner necessary. A variety of programs are available and either pricing schedule can be applied to any program.



Programs include: Syllabus Bronze, Silver, and Gold; Competition; Performance; Social; American Style; International Style; Social Dance Program.



Group Lessons are a wonderful and more budget-friendly way to learn the skills of Ballroom and Social Dancing. Interacting with others will help you to learn quickly, as well as making new friends. In these classes, Sierra Dance Center's unique techniques of training are available to students of all levels.



No partner is necessary, but feel free to bring your friends.


Body Mastery private lessons

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Online Lessons available

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Download Complete Dance Starter Kit Brochure click here.

Download Complete Group Class Starter Kit Brochure click here.


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Program Specifics


Private Lessons:

  • 1-9 Lessons: $70.00 / Hour
  • 10+ Lessons: $65.00 / Hour
  • Dance Starter Kit: 4 Lessons for $240.00

Group Classes:

  • $40.00 for a series of 4 classes.


Additional Information



We recommend that you purchase a good pair of dance practice shoes. Please ask us for our recommended retailers. If you are unable to purchase dance shoes right away a good pair of dress shoes for men, or low heels with closed backs for ladies, will get you started.

Private Lessons:

Each lesson is 50 minutes long. We will evaluate your level and go at a pace that is comfortable for you to learn. With our innovative techniques however, you will find that you will learn much faster than you had anticipated!

Group Classes:

 Each class is 50 minutes long. We will teach two dances per class with a section for review of previous dances learned, and go at a pace that is comfortable for you to learn. Here also, you will find your level increase at a pace will amaze you!


Sierra Dance Center is a ballroom built in the woods. It is a very special training center with various equipment and tools that will help you to learn at an accelerated pace. Click here for directions.

Jeffrey Lynn also teaches at Never Enough Ballroom in Reno, located at 2700 S. Virginia Street (across from the Peppermill).