One Day Dance Camps

One Day Dance Camps



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One Day Camps Cost  
2 plus Camps / Yr $175.00 cost / camp
Drop-In Rate $200.00 for one camp

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The accommodations are dormitory style, with meals provided. Please let us know of any special dietary needs.


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At Sierra Dance Camps there are several big, friendly dogs who like to interact with all who attend. If you are allergic to dogs and/or have concerns please let us know.



Truckee, CA

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One Day Dance Camps


Get concentrated dance training in just one day!



Our one-day camps enable dancers who aren't able to spend an entire weekend to learn in record time through total body immersion. The value is equal to 8 hours of private lessons!


Using innovative methods to improve personal technique for all dancing and sports, these camps incorporate the natural laws of motion to improve alignment, centering, balance, and dynamic movement. Have a great time surrounded by fellow dancers in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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The curriculum for the morning will be to develop and understand how to retract your arms and legs using the workout. My goal is that you will have a way of practicing just this art of retraction through your workout. We will learn breathing techniques to insure proper oxygen to your muscles and brain. This body work and repetition of retracting exactly right builds strength in the ability to center and maintain it during physical activities. This ability provides you with a talented body base to work from, and promotes healing of any current or past injuries. This body work is so important, it is the key to dancing at your dream level.

After Lunch we will work on the art of visualization and mindfulness towards how we move, and the order of the kinetic chain as we use it in our partnerships.

We will spend the last part of the afternoon on movement analysis. Learning to see and understand how to analyze movement will help you be able to visualize what you want for your own. We will play some fun games to illustrate how the brain controls our thoughts about how we move. Then we will be able to set our own visualization skills into motion over the next few weeks.

I am as always, privileged and excited to work with each of you, and thank you for the opportunity. See you Sunday!

We will provide your personal shuttle service from the Russell Valley parking lot, better know as "the dumpsters"

With love and respect for all you are and your journey. 







Arrival Times


Arrive Saturday morning by 8:30 am. Camp begins at 9 am. In the winter we are prepared to shuttle you to the cabin when the weather is bad. Please ask us for special instructions in those circumstances. (see detailed schedule below).



9:00 am

Session One

11:00 am


11:20 am

Session Two

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Session Three

4:00 pm


4:20 pm

Session Four

6:00 pm



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