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Jeffrey Lynn is a dance champion in many dance disciplines and has been teaching dance for over 30 years. Starting out as a figure skater when she was young, she set out to discover a way to make dancing feel as if she was gliding on ice. Studying from world champion dancers she learned how the Natural Laws of Motion work within the body to make dancing as second nature as breathing. She has trained many champion dancers with her unique methods, and they are only available to you here at Sierra Dance Center. Let her help you discover how to use your body the way it is meant to be used.








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Anne R.

"I've worked with teachers all over the world, but never found someone as dedicated to life-long learning as Jeffrey.  Her continued curiosity and drive means she is always searching for new ways to explain things to her students.  This makes her the ideal teacher, since she will always find a way to teach the most difficult concepts other teachers avoid.  Her own dancing is beautiful to watch, and her creativity and enthusiasm are inspiring."



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Alex H.

"Jeffrey teaches the fundamentals of the fundamentals.  She can explain why and how the body should move in dance; not just where your feet and body go.  Learning this way made my dancing improve faster and better than any other form of instruction."